What are Unicorn Bonuses?

The term “Unicorn” refers to achieving a perfect 100 TrainX Score for a session. You can earn Unicorn Bonuses based on the number and type of Unicorns you earn in a week.


You gain 5 bonus XP for the first TrainX 100 you earn in a training week (Mon – Sun) on any of the top two priority sessions for each discipline (these are the sessions with the highest potential Session XP).


You gain 5 bonus XP for every TrainX 100 earned in a Swim Session


You gain this non-bonus recognition for each TrainX 100 you earn for lower priority sessions. These sessions are generally much easier to execute well and score high.


You gain 10 bonus XP for the second TrainX 100 you earn each week on a top priority session.


You gain 20 bonus XP for the third TrainX 100 you earn each week on a top priority session.

Four or More Unicorns in a Week

XP bonuses are awarded for the first three Unicorns each week. Your reward for achieving additional Unicorns will be realized through your performance on Race Day!


The Legend of the Unicorn

When new athletes start, it often takes a while for them to learn how to execute their training well and earn high TrainX Scores (for training execution).


One particular new athlete starting with TriDot kept hearing reports in the TriDot Community of others seeing TrainX 100 scores but despite many weeks of hard work and steady improvement, he hadn’t see one for himself, in the wild. He began to doubt if they were real. He’d ask himself, are people just making them up? Is it possible? Are they real? 


Until one day it happened. This athlete earned his very first TrainX 100 Score and immediately posted about it to the TriDot community. “I can’t believe it!  I got my first Unicorn!”  And with this was born “The Legend of the TriDot Unicorn.”


If you’re new to the training program, keep up the hard work. Unicorns are real and so are the performance improvements that working for them bring.”

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