Does my schedule adjust if I'm sick or injured?

If you begin to miss training because you are sick for an extended period of time (i.e. over 5 days) or injured, then TriDot or RunDot will automatically reduce your future training since you will no longer physically be able to handle as much of a training load.

To adjust your training schedule to accommodate an injury, you can do a few things. Click the "gear" icon in the app, select "Preferences," then:

  • With TriDot, you can toggle off a discipline or two by editing your "Non-required Sessions to Include"
    • Note that if you have an A or B race coming up that is a triathlon, TriDot will consider all disciplines to be required and you will still see sessions for those disciplines showing up in your calendar.
  • You can edit your Volume settings on a by discipline basis.
    • i.e. Lower your run volume from "Standard" to "Low" to accommodate a running injury.
    • i.e. Raise your bike volume from "Standard" to "High" since you are capable of cycling and may want to use your extra time away from another discipline to improve faster in another discipline.


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