Zone 2 Heart Rate Training

It's essential to manage your intensity for this session based on heart rate rather than pace and keep your heart rate well within the proper zone, even if it means walking instead of running.

Going too hard on this session will hinder your recovery from prior sessions, limit your ability to get the most out of future sessions, and deprive you of the essential training adaptations that only come with training at the lower intensity.

The pace at which you can go while maintaining a lower heart rate (and whether that is walking or running) is determined by many factors including environment, dehydration, residual fatigue, body composition, running efficiency, and aerobic fitness.

As your body composition, running efficiency, and aerobic fitness improve, you will develop the ability to go faster at your target heart rate. Maintaining your lower heart rate during these sessions is key to developing that ability.

Your heart rate is the standard of truth for your intensity level on this session. If you need to walk, then be disciplined to walk and remember that for these sessions ‘walking is winning’. 

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