What is the Lane-Line Test? (aka WAR Test)

The Lane-Line Test (or Wide Arm Recovery "WAR" Test) is a simple self-administered test to determine if you have a wide arm recovery during your swim stroke.  It's difficult to determine this only based on feel, because "feel" is often not consistent with actuality.

Conducting the Test

Swim a 50 or 100 freestyle using only one side of the lane.  Swim half way between the lane line on the bottom of the pool and either lane rope.  Swim on the same side after your turn.  

Notice whether or not your hands or arms make contact with the lane rope.


If your hands or arms make contact with the lane rope, you have a wide arm recovery.  Otherwise, you do not.  A wide arm recovery is one key characteristic of the Swinger Swim Form.

Athletes with wide arm recovery typically have a higher stroke rate because their body doesn't roll as far to each side during their stroke.


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