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In Preferences under the Gear section, you can enter the specifications for one or more bikes or bike setups you use during training and racing.  These specs are used when analyzing training and race data as well as when predicting future performances.

** This data is VERY important in predicting future performances and normalizing your training and race results as well as projecting your bike splits.

 You can also set up two separate "bikes" that represent two different bike setups such as this:

Bike 1:  Cervelo TT - Racing Setup
With this Bike, you can select your racing position and aero helmet, if you use one.  You can also select a custom CdA if you've calculated that based on your race posture.  If not, we'll estimate one for you based on your posture, height, and weight.

Bike 2: Cervelo TT - Training Setup
With this Bike, you can select your typical training position and road helmet.  As with Bike 1, you can select a custom CdA if you know yours. 


Key Data

The two data elements that are easiest to estimate or measure and have the greatest impact on analysis are the weight of the bike and the drag coefficient (CdA).

Bike Weight - This is the weight of your bike and all gear carried or used while riding (shoes, helmet, bottles, kit...everything except your body weight).  You can measure bike (and equipment) weight using hanging scale if you have one.  Alternatively, you can use a regular bathroom scale while holding your bike and then subtract your body weight.

Bike Position (CdA) - Your Bike Position has the greatest impact on your CdA because it determines your Frontal Area exposed and creating wind drag.  The four "aero" position options listed in the drop down are in order from least to most aggressive positioning.  i.e.  Most wind drag (much of torso exposed to wind) to least wind drag (torso almost parallel to the ground).  You can adjust this value and see how the system changes your projected bike splits based on different positions.  BE SURE this value is accurate. 

Aerodynamic Drag (CdA) - This is a measure of the force required to overcome wind drag at different velocities.  You can select a Bike Position from the drop down list to estimate your CdA based on this position and your height and weight.  If you've measured or calculated your CdA, please enter that data here.  CdA = Drag Coefficient (Cd) x Frontal Area (A)


Default Values

Following are the default bike spec values used for normalization.

Weight:  8 kg (includes bike and equipment)
CdA:  .25
Crr: .005
Drivetrain Loss:  3%



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