Run Assessments

Your run assessments will be prescribed roughly every 4 weeks as a 5K Time Trial.  If your 10K time is sub 40 minutes, the algorithm may switch you over to a 10K once you change training phases.  Either a 5K or a 10K one will do the job.
Note:  Run assessments will not Send to Garmin or have the ability to download a workout file.

Time Trials

The time trials are to be done on a flat course or track that you can use repeatedly.
Warm Up: Jog or fast walk 10 minutes at Zone 2 pace with 4 repeats lasting about 30 seconds at your approximate 5k pace. Make sure you're warmed up, but don't exhaust yourself.
Main Set: Run your prescribed 5k or 10k at a constant pace as if racing.
Cool Down: Jog or fast walk for the balance of the session as your cooldown. 

Execution Notes 

Your goal in the time trial is to hold a pace that you can sustain for the entire distance or time without blowing up early or having something left to kick at the end.
Recording the Time Trial
Start your watch/device and perform your warmup, press lap when you start your assessment. When the assessment is complete, hit lap again and do your cooldown for the balance of your session. At the end of your cooldown, hit stop and initiate the file upload process.
The above procedure works the majority of the time to automatically upload your results to your Threshold History.  The overall time of the session is prescribed per your training phase and not performing the total time will not affect your score.  When the assessment automatically uploads - you receive a Unicorn regardless of the total session time!
If the assessment doesn't upload automatically, this article explains how to manually enter your assessment.
Threshold Assessments

Using the Results

After you've completed the assessment and the results have been uploaded, your new zones will be automatically calculated for all future sessions.
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