Torpedo Push-Offs

Purpose:  to help develop kick technique by developing a balance between propulsion and drag reduction

This drill has two parts:  Torpedo push-off and the swim back

Part 1:  Torpedo Push Off

  1. With one hand on top of the other and arms extended above the head, push off the wall about 2 feet underneath the surface of the water.
  2. Keep body stretched long and taut.
  3. Kick as hard and fast as you can until you run out of breath.  Then stop.

Pointers:  Focus on long, straight legs with pointed toes turned slightly in (pigeon-toed).  Your big toes should rub or tap each other as your feet pass each other.

You should be able to travel 10-25 yards.  After this first part of the drill, notice how much oxygen you use and how rapid your heart rate is.  This type of kicking is very taxing and would only be appropriate for a sprint event.

Part 2:  Swim Back

  1. Swim back to wall with normal freestyle.
  2. Focus on very minimal effort from legs, but still feel big toes tapping as they move past each other.

When doing this drill (both parts) think about your long, taut body position.  You should feel like your stretching from your fingertips to your toes with a tight abdominal and lower-back region.


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