The Archer

Purpose: to maintain proper body position and balance (resting on lungs) as center of gravity changes

Pointers: lay on lungs, head underwater looking down, swim through tube

  • This drill is done from the single-arm lead position. Begin as you would for that drill.
  • Slowly move the non-leading arm up your side until your hand is at your ear. Keep your elbow high and your hand relaxed and just above the surface of the water. Keep your hand at your ear for a few kicks. Focus on maintaining body position as your arm movement changes your center of gravity. Slowly lower your hand back to your side. Repeat several times across the length of the pool.

Repeat the drill with other arm leading. Master maintaining body position and balance on both sides as your center of gravity changes and as you breathe.


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Many athletes find it beneficial to use zoomers (short fins) for this drill to maintain forward propulsion and keep feet and legs from falling. The visual cue here is to imagine your lead hand is holding a archer's bow and your left hand is holding the string back. 

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