How to add a course file to RaceX?

To attach a .gpx course file to a race in RaceX, you must be at Complete or higher subscription level and have unlocked your Advanced Race Execution.


The upload process can only be completed on a computer and has two parts - 1) Upload the course file to RaceX and 2) Attach the uploaded file to your race.

Save the .gpx course file to your computer
Navigate to RaceX
Expand the sidebar menu
Click on the Routes tab
Choose the discipline to add the route
Click the pink + sign to add a route
Browse or drag the file from your computer's saved location


Attach the uploaded file to your custom race in RaceX 

Click on My Races in RaceX and click the magnifying glass of the race you want to attach the course
Click the Plan Bubble of the discipline you want to upload
Click the Power or Pace tab
Click the Link a route to this plan bubble
Choose the My Routes option
Select the Route you uploaded previously

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