Swim to Bottom Drill

Purpose: To develop comfort in the water and learn to fully exhale as you swim down. This will help counteract breath holding during swimming.

Pointers:  A slow consistent exhale will help you descend. This can be done swimming down safely head first in a diagonal position where you eventually are almost laying on the bottom of a shallow pool - a deeper pool, just touch the bottom. It should be a normal inhale after you surface - not gasping for air. Don't hold your breath doing this drill.  Inhale above water and exhale underwater.


This drill needs to be done in water approximately 5-feet deep
  1. Perform you assigned drill
  2. Prior to your rest interval, take a deep breath and then swim down
  3. Exhale as you descend and feel the pressure build - only go down as far as you are comfortable
  4. Touch the bottom of the pool and return to the surface
  5. Continue on with the amount of repetitions in the drill


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