Shoulder Tap

Purpose:  to help develop body roll and high-elbow recovery

The Shoulder Tap drill is best done using fins.

  1. Begin this drill with normal freestyle stroke.
  2. When the right arm is extended at the front of stroke, initiate the over-water recovery phase of the stroke with the left arm.
  3. When the left hand passes the left shoulder, pause briefly and 'tap the shoulder' before piercing the left hand into the water.  (Focus on good body roll as you tap the shoulder through the recovery phase.)
  4. Continue with the left arm's over-water recovery phase.
  5. Once you have pierced the water with your left hand, maintain it's extended position and repeat the process for the right side.

Doing this drill will look like normal freestyle but with each arm pausing briefly to tap the shoulder during the over-water recover phase of each stroke.


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