How do I add a race?

Season Planner initiates training optimization based on the races you select.  It ensures that race priority, distance, and date of races being added are feasible and align with your training volume, weekly long session durations, performance ability, and other races already on your schedule. 

If there is infeasibility or misalignment for a race being added, the date will show as 'Unavailable' (more below).

Here is a 1 minute video explaining how to add a race:

Race Priorities

A race's priority represents the degree to which it drives decision making during your training optimization.

A Races drive how your season is divided into distinct training phases. These are generally the longest races you're doing due to the training volume and weekly long session durations required for these races.  A 'Race Prep' phase will be designed to support each A race on your schedule that is designed to optimize your training toward that A race.

B Races are scheduled within the training phases that were determined by your A races.  Your training will be optimized for these races in a manner that minimizes negative impact on your training toward your A races.

C Races do not impact your training optimization at all.  C races give you flexibility to add races that don't align with your other priorities or ability.  Altering your training to accommodate these races is up to your discretion. 

Building Your Season

Select your races in order of priority as follows:

  1. Add A races first.  Go from longest to shortest.  Full triathlons and marathons must be A races.  It's best to select and prioritize races that create longer Race Prep training phases (at least 8 weeks).
  2. Add B races.  If scheduling an B race within a Race Prep phase for an A race, the B race cannot be longer than the A race.
  3. Add C races as desired.

Race Unavailability 

Race Unavailability is based on your data and your selections of other races.  It keeps you safe and ensures that you have ample time to prepare for each race on your schedule.

If the Season Planner shows the date for an A or B race as 'unavailable', that means that it conflicts with one or more of your A or B race selections or that there is not enough time to safely and sufficiently increase your long sessions prior to the race date.  As appropriate, you can choose another race or change the priority. 

You cannot add a race that is in conflict with your data or previously scheduled races.

If a race is showing as 'unavailable' and it doesn't appear to be due to a conflict with another race, try the following:

  • Verify your weekly long session duration for each discipline (eg You want to schedule a long course event in 6 weeks requiring a four hour run segment, but your current weekly long run is only one hour.)
  • Verify your performance assessments (eg Your performance assessments must be fast enough that it's feasible for you to complete the race distance.  Be sure they are accurate.)
  • Try scheduling the race as a different priority, A or B. 







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