Why is a credit card required for the TriDot Project (TDP)?

While a credit card is not required for TriDot's standard 14-Day Free Trial, it is required to participate in the free 2-month TriDot Project.

The standard 14-Day Free Trial allows athletes time to get familiar with TriDot basics prior to participating in The TriDot Project. Participation requires a fully activated subscription, including a credit card, to help ensure the validity of our participants and the integrity of the data collected. All fees will be waived for 2 months with no obligation.

Clicking the link in your activation email will waive all fees for 2 months with no obligation to continue. You will see a confirmation screen showing that all fees are 0 prior to activating your subscription. Toward the end of your 2 free months, you will receive an email letting you know that your free period is about to end.

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