How do I Export my RaceX Segments and Course to a device?

Open your race in RaceX and click on "Adjust Bike Plan." Scroll down to the Power Segments table and click on "Export Segments."

Adjust the environmental conditions using the pencil icon and Confirm. Use the forward arrow to adjust the target power and segment Range, if desired. Select your Export Format from the dropdown menu.

Garmin Fit: This will only produce a power segment file without the course - it will have the power segment points highlighted similar to a workout file that allows you to follow your power zones.
Garmin Fit Course: This is the actual route of the race course with power segment notifications marked. Note: not all devices support these notifications, but Edge 500, 800, 1000 series do support them. Other devices like Forerunner and Fenix watches support the notifications but they don't display the number, just an alert that the power segment has been reached. This is a Garmin limitation on those devices.

To transfer the file to your device, plug in your device to your computer with the USB cord and transfer the file to your device with drop and drag.

Every device can be a bit different so you can also give Garmin a call at 1 (800) 800-1020, tell them what device you have, and that you have a FIT file you'd like to transfer.

Note that exporting RaceX Segments and Courses to a device is available only to Complete and above subscription levels with the Advanced Race Execution Perk unlocked.

To learn more about RaceX and how it optimizes your race execution, listen to this episode of the Podcast: Optimizing Race Execution

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