What will my training volume be? What will the training look like?

All training plans are generated specifically for each athlete based on many factors including current fitness, race distance/schedule, age, gender, experience in each discipline, current long session information, and more. Because every athlete is unique and the training is custom built, we can’t really determine the training volume until we gather the necessary information during the onboarding process.   

As a broad generalization, an athlete in developmental phase working on strength and speed will typically see 5 -11 hrs of training per week. Training is designed with active recovery interspersed between key sessions. Once an athlete moves into race prep training, the number of training hours per week will increase as the training program prescribes more stamina sessions and longer long sessions to prepare the athlete to perform their best on race day. This is particularly true for athletes training for marathon and full-Iron distance events.

RaceX (Race Execution) tools will also help to predict race day performance based on completion of the prescribed training.   

Athletes subscribing to our plan typically see a reduction of training time compared to other training methods and much larger gains. This has held true for athletes at all ages and performance levels.     

Still want to know more? This article explains Optimized Training thoroughly.  

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