How do I manually link a training file to my session?

Your training file will automatically match itself to the appropriate session, except for in a few cases. In the event that a training file doesn't link appropriately, the TrainX score will show as an N/A and the session will appear next to any other sessions prescribed that day. 

To prevent issues with linking:

  • If doing a session from another day, be sure to move that session to the appropriate day before you upload the data file post-session. i.e. if you want to do Wednesday run session on Tuesday, move the session in your calendar before completing the run on Tuesday and syncing the data file to the completed session.

To Unlink a file and link another file: 

  1. Click on the day you wish to update and the sessions will display below.
  2. Click the 3 bar menu to reveal the "copy" and "unlink" buttons 
  3. Unlink the file. 

The unlinked file is now stored in the calendar menu, designated with three red dots below the date on desktop or a red circle on mobile. 

  1. Click on the menu to find the unlinked file.
  2. Select Review Unlinked Files.
  3. The file(s) will show in a list at the top of the screen. Select the one you wish to review.
  4. Select Link from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the options for the file and then Confirm.
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