What are TrainX Scores and how do I maximize them?

TrainX (Training Execution) Scores let you know how well you’re executing your training.

Doing too much in a session (overreaching) can be as detrimental as doing too little. To maximize your TrainX Scores, as well as your performance gains, don’t overdo the intensity or duration of your training sessions. Seek to spend the right amount of time in the prescribed training zones. 

TrainX Scores are provided for individual sessions and each training week. Your goal is not perfection.  Strive to do each session to the best of your ability. "Do the RIGHT training RIGHT," and you will score well and get faster, faster! 

Note that properly completed assessments earn a 100 TrainX Score.

Here is an illustration of the range of TrainX Scores for your reference:

To learn more, listen to the Podcast episode: Revisiting Doing the Right Training Right


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