Why are there no Heart Rate ranges showing on my Session screen?

It's likely that you don't have a Threshold heart rate value set. This will cause HR zones to show as 0’s, and HR-related workout data will show as being done in Zone 1 (easiest zone)

Our program calculates heart rate zones based on the Average Heart Rate (AHR) submitted with your assessment.

There are two ways to address this:

  • If you know your Threshold heart rate, go to “Threshold History” and update an existing Assessment entry with that value.
  • Complete an assessment wearing a heart rate device.

Another common culprit is we do not have permission to use your health data.  Click on the settings wheel and choose permissions to provide permission.  You can access permissions on a mobile device by clicking the profile icon in the lower right corner, click profile, and then click the profile icon in the upper right hand corner


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