What is my "threshold" or "FTP"?

Your “threshold” or “FTP” refers to your Functional Threshold Power or Pace and is your primary baseline performance metric for each discipline. Your training and racing intensities are determined and managed relative to your FTPs.

Historically, FTP has been most commonly used in cycling and is defined as the maximum power (in watts) that you can sustain for an all-out, one-hour effort. In swimming, it’s expressed as a pace (per 100 meters or yards). In running, it’s expressed as either run power or grade-adjusted pace (per mile or km).

The training program will automatically determine your threshold values from your prescribed assessments. Go to your "Threshold History" page to view the details.

If you do not see your latest assessment reflected in your Threshold History for that discipline, then hit the pink + symbol and enter the details of your assessment. Your training zones will be adjusted going forward to reflect your new FTP value(s).

Here is a 1 minute video on updating your Threshold History:

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