How to perform swim sessions sent to Garmin?

TriDot can send swim sessions to your Garmin-compatible device.  Not all sessions currently have this ability, but more are being added daily.  If the session has the ability, the Send to Garmin button will be shown for that day’s session.  You will need to determine if your specific Garmin device supports recording swims and can import custom swim sessions.

Set your Data Preferences

In preferences, you now have Swim Data Preferences, and you need to choose if you want to automatically Send to Garmin, Pool Size, and if you need additional Warmup or Cool Down time.

The Pool Size selected here WILL change the value in your watch when the session begins, if your watch is set to a different distance – a warning is provided telling you the size will be changed. The default size is 25 yards or meters depending on your standard or metric settings in preferences.

Send to Garmin

To send your swim session to Garmin, you can choose the automatic slider in your preference or open the daily menu and click the Send to Garmin button.


The swim warmup is a free running clock.  Once you hit start on your device, the warmup time is allotted as a single block of time, typically 10 or 15 minutes to perform your warm-up. During your warmup, the segments and drills are not shown on your watch, and you may need to follow along with a printed copy of your workout or a mobile device. If you find you need more time for the warmup, you can append the warmup time to your preferences.

CAUTION: Pressing the lap button during the warmup will cause the warmup to complete and transition to the main set – there is no way to go back!

If you finish your warmup before the time allotted, press lap to advance to the main set – this is especially useful if you want to append additional minutes to the warmup as a default.


Main Set

Once your warmup time has elapsed, you may need to press lap to advance to the main set while some devices may start the main set automatically. You will need to determine how your particular Garmin device responds.  In the example below, the 100 Build will start when you hit lap. After you complete your 100, press lap at the wall and the 20-second rest starts before automatically starting the next 50 that presents on your watch as “50 Free”.  Once that 50 is complete, press lap, and the rest timer starts for the next 50, and so on.  The lap button finishes the current segment before the rest and the rest will countdown to the next segment.  The only time to press lap is at the end of your segment when you touch the wall.

Your specific Garmin device may display the screen differently than stated below.  Your device may also allow scrolling screens with the up/down button to see a description of the next segment.

100 Build to Z4 (20 sec) – could be displayed as “100 Free”
2 x 50 Z2 (15 sec) – could be displayed as “50 Free”

During the main set, your device may vibrate.  This lets you know you are on the last lap of that segment.

Cool Down

The swim cool-down is also a free-running clock.  Once the main set is complete, the cooldown will automatically start for the allotted time.  The cool-down allotted time is calculated before the session is sent to Garmin and is not a real-time calculation.  It is the balance of time remaining for the entire session after the warmup and the main set time is subtracted.  The actual cool-down time will vary from what is shown in your watch session as the values are based on hitting every zone pace perfectly. Performing the entire cooldown may cause your session to extend beyond the total prescribed time.

As with the warmup, the cool-down segments and drills are not shown on your watch, and you may need to follow along with a printed copy of your workout or a mobile device. You can also append time to the cool down in preferences if desired.  To complete the session before the time allotted in the cool down, press lap to complete the cool down. Press start/stop to complete the session and start the upload process as normal.

Useful tip: The start/stop button will stop the workout and restart wherever you are in the workout.


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