Overglider - Swim Form

Overglider is one of TriDot's six Swim Form classifications.



  • Intentionally glides between stokes
  • Dead spot at front of stroke (when gliding)
  • Slow stroke rate
  • Good body position and rotation
  • Often breaths on only one side
  • Lacks rhythm and feel of the water
  • Constantly thinking about swim mechanics
  • Focuses almost exclusively on streamline position
  • Little, if any, focus on catch or propulsion
  • Threshold pace:  1:30 – 2:20 / 100m

Key Improvement Areas

  • Bilateral breathing
  • Stroke symmetry
  • Head position
  • Over thinking mechanics
  • Hand entry and alignment
  • Catch and pull
  • Eliminating dead spot
  • Increase stroke rate
  • Pacing (both training and racing)
  • Open water skills



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