Swim Terminology

Build:  Building is different from Descending in that the athlete is directed to increase speed within each repetition. For example,
4 x 100: Build
directs the athlete to start each 100 easy and with perfect technique and increase speed during each 100 to a fast finish, maintaining perfect technique throughout.
Descend:  Descending sets direct the athlete to swim each repetition faster than the previous. For example,
5 x 100: Descend 1->5
directs the athlete to swim rep 2 faster than rep 1, rep 3 faster than rep 2, etc.
Pattern Repeating:  Pattern repeating sets direct the athlete to repeat the pattern of drills, strokes, or paces over the duration of the repetition distance. For example,
2 x 200 as 50 @ Slow / 100 @ Threshold / 50 @ Fast
directs the athlete to adjust pace during a continuous 200 effort. Another example,
3 x 400 @ T as 200 swim / 200 pull
directs the athlete to swim the first 200 and grab a pull buoy for the second 200 of each repetition.
Pull:  Pulls in swim workouts indicate that you’ll be using a pull buoy or paddles.
Pull buoy:  A pull buoy is a small flotation device held between the thighs while swimming helping the swimmer maintain a horizontal body position without kicking.
Zoomers:  Zoomers are short fins used in training to develop kick and/or to maintain momentum while performing drills. Their use is HIGHLY encouraged.
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